First Blog - Here we go

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So this is my first post.  Eventhough we have been running for 15 years, Ive never been one for writing a blog, it's not something that I've ever got around to doing (sorry) so I thought I'd start, better late than never......But what to write?

Well I'll start with giving you a little background about myself and how the business has grown.

My name is Janet, I was once a senior manager in corporate world but after starting a family 19 years ago, I found the stress and strains of juggling a 3yr old and my demanding job too much, became depressed and started to think there must be more to life than this.  I started a Hypnotherapy and Psycotherapy course to initially help me understand the stresses of my life, and if you knew me you would know how way out that was, I thought that was for the "hippy" types but wow, it certainly made me start to think differently.  I had been trying for a second child for over a year and decided to quit my stressful job and use my training to change direction, however once I quit my stressful life I fell pregnant, well that worked! 

Being a stay at home mum and looking for natural skincare for me and baby I soon realised how expensive they were.  I started to look at this in more detail and realised that the wholesalers weren't charging such high premiums, so the retailers were clearly "cashing in" on the clean, green living due to the lack of competition, who then was interested in paraben free creams or SLS free shampoo?  So I started off small and bought a selection of skincare, haircare and massage oils to sell on Ebay and found things took off very quickly, as mentioned there wasnt much competition, so it was nice to offer natural alternatives at affordable prices.  So that was the start of Simply Essential UK. 

I branched out onto Amazon and online and things became so busy that I decided to move solely onto Amazon in order to fulfil orders through their warehouse (I still had a small family to juggle) I continued with that arrangement for about 10yrs up until about 3-4years ago when I realised Amazon perhaps was not the right fit any longer, they had initially head hunted me to join them and had great customer service and gradually they became this massive corporate beast of a company who gave very little regard for their sellers so I moved off the platform to concentrate on a new online website, which has been exciting and time consuming but great to see grow.

So, 15 years on I now have 2 grown up children, who are off doing their own things and I have more time to dedicate to the business and adding more products all the time. I have come full circle and will now find Simply Essential back on Ebay, Etsy and just launched On buy. All prices are cheaper here on our direct website, of course if you find any prices more expensive let me know.