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Our vegan shampoo bars are crafted with a blend of naturally derived, plant-based ingredients that offer gentle cleansing without compromising on effectiveness. Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, our shampoo bars nourish and revitalise your hair while leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and embrace the convenience of our zero-waste shampoo bars. These compact and lightweight bars are easy to transport and store, making them ideal for travel and everyday use. Plus, they offer a longer-lasting cleansing experience, reducing the frequency of your shampoo purchases and minimizing environmental impact.

WILD HAIR SHAMPOO BARS Made by Ancient Wisdom based in Sheffield. No SLS & SLES, No Parabens, No Palm oil.  Each bar lasts approx 50-60 washes and comes in a travel aluminium tin.

AA SKINCARE SHAMPOO BARS Made by AA Skincare which are better known as Amphora aromatics based in Bristol.  Made with naturally effective ingredients such as pure essential oils and natural extracts.  No SLS & SLES, No Parabens, No Palm oil.  Each bar lasts approx 50-60 washes

ZERO WASTE PATH SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER BARS Made by a small Cambridge based business owned and run by Bianca and Giulio. Handmade with natural ingredients Eco Friendly Cardboard boxes  No Palm oil, No SLS &  SLES No Parabens, Made using 100% renewable energy! Handmade and hand-cut

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