Which Sensual Massage oil is best?

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Im often asked which sensual massage oil I would recommend and which will turn my partner on etc, well you can image the rest.....To be honest, no massage oil is going to be a magic wand to turn any partner on but it can help set the mood and the rest is up to you, but setting the mood will depends on what aromas you or your partner like.  There is no point using a massage oil heavily scenting of Patchouli oil if your partner doesnt like it, no matter how beneficial the oil is for increasing libido. So you need to decide what fragrance you and your partners like.  

These massage oils all use essential oils renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities and we offer 3 different blends and I thought I would try and discuss the 3 blends in a little more detail.

I have discussed so far these oils being used as a romantic aid for couples but have also been asked if they can be used for masterbation and in conjuction with cock rings, well the answer is yes, all our massage blends are made with pure natural oils, no added chemicals or water and work as natural lubricants*  And vegan friendly!


Sensual Massage oil AWSENSUAL MASSAGE OIL with Ylang ylangPatchouli & Orange (Grapeseed oil base)

This is a blend is mainly a sweet aroma.  Ylang ylang is a floral aroma but not in the traditional "flowery" feminine way.  Its sweet and heady and has faint undertones of patchouli, making it sometimes a little more "hippy" and oriental in its final fragrance and I would personally recommend this more for women to enjoy.


Sensual Massage oil NTSENSUAL MASSAGE OIL with Ylang ylang, Clary Sage, Sandalwood,Benzoin & Pimento berry (Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil & Jojoba oil base) 

This blend is sweet with the ylang ylang but has more earthy woody tones and with the pimento berry it has a dark berry notes, dont confuse it with fruity berry and I personally describe this as more dark chocolate/berry notes and I love it!  I would describe this as a more unisex fragrance due to these dark berry notes.


sens AA

SENSUOUS MASSAGE OIL with Patchouli, Clary Sage, Sandalwood & Ylang ylang (Sweet Almond oil base)

This blend is again sweet with the ylang ylang aroma but the richer sandalwood and patchouli tones are more prevelant and the aroma is more rounded. If you prefer less sweet and more woody aromas and I would definitely recommend this  for the unisex to male audience.  



Of course if you are undecided we offer a sensual massage 3 x 30ml bag which holds all 3 or the twin bags which are listed with both sensual blends but happy to swap around for whichever 2 you would like

sensual 2pack whitesensual oils 30ml bagsensual 2pack pink

If you are looking for something less sweet we also have PURE PLEASURE Geranium, Orange, Rosewood, Ylang ylang & Sandalwood.  Geranium & Orange being the dominent aroma.

*Check you or partner do not have any reactions to essential oils before using on intimate parts.