Ceramic Backflow incense burners

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Black ceramic backflow incense burners are especially designed to create smoke that cascades downwards into the pool to create a stunning waterfall effect.

Several designs to choose from and all orders will include 10 Free backflow incense cones.


How to use an incense backflow burner?

Firstly, place your backflow incense cone on the burner and line the hole on the burner with the hole on the base of the backflow incense cone, please note that normal incense cones will not give the waterfall effect as the hole draws down the smoke to create the effect.  Light your cones and leave it to burn like any other incense cone, the flame will go out and the glowing embers will start to create the cascading smoke waterfall effect.  Its important not to have your backflow burner in a draft or near an open window as the still air will allow the smoke to fall and not go into the air.  Then just wait and watch, the waterfall effect is very relaxing.

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